Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nyala Merdeka(The Light of Liberty) Videomapping projection

NYALA MERDEKA (The Light of Liberty) is a retelling of an old story: the story of the city of Bandung and her people, from their first engagement way back in prehistoric age, through the colonial era and the wartime, to this time when the city, along with other parts of Indonesia, gained independence, fostered the anti-imperialism movements in Asia and Africa, and now regarded as Indonesia's capital of independent culture. Utilizing video projection with various techniques--from motion graphic animation to video--mixed with theatrical works, the star of the performance is the grand old Gedung Merdeka , the historic site of the Asian-African Conference (Bandung Conference) of 1955 The art deco details of the building's facade brought life and depth to the video projection, which was watched by more than 3000 people from across the street.

 25 July 2010 08.00pm - 01.00am @Gedung Merdeka jalan Asia-Afrika,Bandung

Ivan Reyhan

Ivan Reyhan
ahmad nursalim
agung bezharie
bandu darmawan
eldwin pradipta
raissa rahma sarastri
febian nurrahman saktinegara
andira maqdissa gusti
annisa rianti

yogi biondy
herald reynaldo
etza meisyara

misha ahmad azizia
kanya diedra ismi
FSRD 2009

aidil akbar latief
nannie sofrianty
kemala montessa

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